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What if the theme isn't working as it should?

Aug 27, 2015
You got a theme after so much struggle and what if it isn't working correctly?
What if the designer ignores your complaints with respect to the theme. What if people who are using mobile phones are having a hard time while posting in the forum?
What will you do? How will you handle the situation?
Dec 22, 2015
I have never faced a situation like this one in my career. Because I always buy after researching about that particular stuff. Not only for themes and plugins, I do proper researching of every product or service. That's why I don't need to worry about the themes or plugins, that they will work or not? Because I already knew that it's going to work fine.

However, when I bought something without researching about it and got some issues in it. The first step I will do is contact the developer. If the developer isn't responding which is in some rare cases. I will start posting reviews about their service online on different forums and sites. This will make him respond to my request fast or the service he/she is offering will go down forever.

Moreover, I have never done this because never faced any issues with my products.
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