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Unlimited shared web hosting.


Staff member
Jul 7, 2015
There are many web hosting companies that offer unlimited hosting, I wanted to know what do you think about unlimited hosting.

What I think is unlimited hosting is just a marketing trick. The companies that offer unlimited hosting will have very strict rules and certain limitations. If your website uses all the resources then I am sure they will either ask you to upgrade the services or might ban your account.


New Member
Jul 31, 2015
Old Tappan
I completely agree with your opinion. Mostly overselling web host claims to offer unlimited hosting under Fair Use Policy. This Fair Use Policy states that "you are free to host your website only as long as you use a given subset of resources". As soon as as you exceed bandwidth or disk space limits you will violate the Fair Use Policy and your website will be penalized. Web Hosts can offer unlimited resources because there are a hundred users on a given shared server but not all of them will use all the resources available. In most cases, 99 out of the 100 users will consume a small fraction of the traffic and space, and this allows the host to oversell servers claiming that hosting is unlimited. I strongly favor the Web Hosting provider with good support rather web host with unlimited plans.


New Member
Sep 3, 2015
I don't like to purchase unlimited hosting, I can spend extra money to purchase limited plans because of at least you can claim or post reviews in forums and maybe you can also open a dispute in court and win your case but when you buy unlimited things then there is high risk of data loss.

You have a 10GB plan, used 9GB and your hosting company suspend your account then at lest you can ask for backup.
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