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The curious case of danielle di lorenzo -a website domain name story

Jul 8, 2015
The Concrete City
I don't know how many of you guys will be famous but if you will ever experience to have some sort of fame, even if its d list celebrity level, make your own website right away before someone else do. I remember while listening to a podcast interview of former Survivor contestant Danielle Do Lorenzo, Her friend told her to make a website about her while her Season is airing but she didn't listen. She decided to wait for that season to over before she will make a website.

I know Survivor is not as famous as before but the show can still get 10 to 12 Million viewers so some people took advantage and make fake websites out of contestants without their permissions.

When Danielle is about to buy a domain using her name, she is shocked to find out there is already a website that uses her name, it has her pictures on it and its selling fat salad dressings. She already gave up on having a website and focus with social media instead. Imagine someone else created a website that uses her name before her because she decided to wait.

I think its dumb Of her to not sue that website owner though.

The lesson learned about this story is not really about 15 minutes of fame but about website domain names.

If you want to buy a domain name and you can afford it, buy it as soon as possible before someone else do.
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