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Signing up for a hosting plan but they change it without your consent

Jul 16, 2016
Has this ever happened to anyone?

I signed up for this particular hosting company for unlimited hosting, unlimited websites, and some other features. That was the plan, I liked it because I was allowed to host unlimited websites for a single price.

The problem occurred one year later when I got a very big bill, I had about 7 websites on the hosting account and they charged me so much money for each website, I asked them about it and they told me that once I added my second website to the account, they changed it to a different premium hosting account for multiple websites.

It cost almost $100 dollars more, and I asked about why the details of plan was misleading, and they said that it wasn't, but the site advertised something else. They didn't tell me that if I added more than one website, I would be charged more money because the damn plan said unlimited websites. I know what I'm talking about people, I have been hosting websites for years so don't tell me I must have misread the plan wrong.
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