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Oct 14, 2019

ESDS eNlight 360 is an on-premise hybrid cloud solution comes with a cloud orchestration layer for optimizing resources and data center (DC) infrastructure management tool for easy virtualization and end-to-end monitoring of IT infrastructure.

Why chose ESDS eNlight 360?

1.The eNlight Cloud orchestration software sits in the middle of the IaaS module. It can be hooked up with leading hypervisors from the backend and be managed via either the inbuilt dashboard or simple and secure APIs.

2.ESDS eNlight 360° is not exclusive to just one hypervisor, but it supports multiple hypervisors through an abstraction layer.

3.ESDS eNlight 360° cloudifies a data center into cloud and gives a 360 degree cover to all the IT infra of the company. eNlight Cloud orchestration software comes with a Dashboard. It presents aggregated information of the cloud. The three different graphs that are shown in the dashboard depict the overall health of the cloud.

4.From a single eNlight web based UI – the self-service portal, multiple zones can be managed. A system administrator can login into a single Web UI and manage all the clusters present on each zone which can be geographically be located at different locations.

5.Cloud Burst is a new dimension in Cloud Technology that guarantees seamless scaling capabilities between your Private and Public cloud. With Cloud burst and ESDS' eNlight Enterprise Cloud, you can achieve extraordinary scaling benefits when resources in your own Private cloud are scarce, and avail the almost infinite scalability for your virtual infrastructure.

Salient Features of ESDS eNlight 360:

1.Patented Auto-Scaling
2.Multi Tenancy and Identity Management
3.Auto discovery of virtual and physical assets in DC
4.Asset lifecycle management
5.VM lifecycle management

Security and Compliance:

eNlight 360° complies to highest security standards that all products and services in ESDS are subjected to, security being the top-most priority. The IT services that eNlight 360° provides to its customers are designed and managed in alignment with best security practices. The Hybrid Cloud Orchestration layer provides security-specific tools and features across network security, configuration management and access control.

eNlight 360° is compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 22301 ISO 20000/BS 15000, ISO 27001/BS 7799 standards to ensure maximum security.

Landing URL - https://www.esds.co.in/enlight360


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