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Independence Day Offer - 10% Off on all Semi-Dedicated Plans

Jun 13, 2019
ALL Countries
Semi-dedicated support team plan is a hybrid plan inherits the dedicated features of dedicated team and affordability of shared support. Here a dedicated support team is virtually shared across clients as per the subscribed plan specifications. Sharing of the team reduces the costs significantly but it also restricts the availability of complete features of a fully dedicated team.

Semi-dedicated support team plans are not unlimited. The team you are using is shared by one or more web hosting providers. Even though the team assigned to you is as good as our dedicated team, it is the factor that the teams' duties are split across the providers which makes the support limited at times. For example, in a situation where it demands emergency support, we are assuming the probability of both the providers having emergency issues together is only 50%. And our response and resolution time guarantees will be affected in such emergency situations.

If you clearly get the above limitations with semi-dedicated plans, please refer the plans below. Below plan rates are for a truly semi-dedicated plan. i.e your support team is shared by only one provider and not three or four because for us, that would become shared support.


1. SANGHA: Just for $I620

2. ABBOTS: Just for $2250

3. MASTERS: Just for $3600

Contact us for any custom requirements at https://www.supportsages.com/contact/ . Don't hesitate to contact us. We may be able to match your current provider's price. Our free trial is to ensure that you have a smooth transition of support.
Email : benjamin.samuel@supportsages.com
Skype (Skype is not 24/7) : ssages


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