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I can't get rid of the "stylium setting"

Jul 8, 2015
The Concrete City
It is blocking the left side of my schools screen and I can't get rid of it. Its a huge nuisance for me because it blocks my view. I have no idea if I typed the right spelling on the words at left side of my paragraph because of the large vertical pop up that is blocking my vision. I am not sure what is the purpose of that thing but please hide it automatically. I am a mobile device user and I can't afford to by a PC yet. Mobile devices have smaller screens so please automatically hide that box. I tried to press the buttons of that thing but its not working.


Staff member
Jul 7, 2015
That is actually there for people to choose there own style for the forum. I have disabled the permission for you. Please let me know if you are still facing the issue.
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