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How much credits do i get?

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Jul 7, 2015
How do you earn points?
Registration: 5
Birthday: 15
Update Full Profile: 5
Upload Avatar: 2
Delete Avatar: -2
Profile Post: 1
New Thread: 3
Thread Deleted: -3
Create a Poll: 1
Vote a Poll: 1
New Post: 1.5
Post deleted: -1.5
Receive a Post Like: 1
Lost Post Like: -1
Report Post: 2How do you earn points?
Get Reported: -2
Facebook Associate: 2
Facebook disassociate: -2
Upload Attachment: 1
Remove attachment: -1
Twitter Associate: 2
Twitter disassociate: -2
Rated/Reviewed thread: 1
Thread get Rated/Reviewed : 1
Rated/Reviewed Deleted: -1
Give Rating Warning: 1
Get Rating Warning: -1

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