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How long does it take to design?

Jul 9, 2015
How long on average does it take you to complete a web design for either a website, forum or blog? When I customize my forum designs it can take a couple of days as not much needs to be changed from the premium themes that I purchase but depending on how troublesome the editing can be it can even take a couple of weeks to finish up. Do you prefer to take time with your designs or do you like to finish it offer as quick as possible?
Jul 15, 2015
Virtual World
Indeed, whether you do the whole design or simply modify an existing layout, the final outcome may take from a few hours to several days, depending on many factors such as complexity of the project or original theme, amount of modifications needed and, above all graphics to be included.

Sometimes a simple layout that I can design within a day, may delay several more before actually making available to the public due to the fact of having to design graphics or search for the most appropriate.

I would say that graphics is what takes more of my time that the whole coding or modification of a theme or template, even if the graphic needed is a simple logo. So that I prefer to make use of CSS3 effects, tricks and animations whenever it's possible to use this to substitute graphics.
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