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How do you decide if a ppc is genuine or not?

Aug 14, 2015
The internet is flooded with a lot of PPC sites and most of them are scams. It is really difficult to filter out the legit ones. I just wonder how we can find out if a particular PPC is genuine or scam. I think there are a number of signals that can tell us if it is a genuine PPC or not.

In my experience whenever a PPC turn into a scam phase they will deactivate the community forum first and we will not able to communicate with other members there. Another thing is that you can witness an abnormal increase in number of advertisements. I think this may be because the members are spending their earning on advertising. They already know that they cannot withdraw it as the site has already turned scam.

Do you remember any other indicators like this for a scam PPC?
Sep 22, 2015
PPC or pay per click is an advertising method where advertisers pay the publisher only when their ads are clicked. Google AdSense is a pay per click program. Perhaps, you are talking about PTC or pay to click. PTC is also an advertising program which drives paid traffic to a website. PTC is considered illegitimate by Google and many online publishers.
Jul 13, 2015
Adsense as you say is a legitimate way to be paid for running adverts on your site, and while the payment might not be much, obviously the more clicks on the ads you run, the more you get paid.

PPC and PTC are different in the fact that PTC sites pay you to click the adverts on other peoples sites, and a lot of them are scams and to be able to make any money, you usually have to invest in the site yourself and with the payment of the ads your clicking being so low, there's little chance of you getting your investment back.
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