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Honest hosting reviews

Feb 8, 2019
Hello all!
I think a lot of users here are familiar with the greatest question regarding hosting services: which one to choose? There are tons of hosting service providers and each of them considers themselves as good and reliable. Naturally, the first thing you do is to try to find reviews about the company. But how can you know that these are not fake reviews written by the company employees? How to know which website is trustworthy? That’s precisely the thing me and my team are working on right now.

Our goal is to make a website where anyone can read about the hosting providers and decide which one is the best for them. We want to save your time as well, so that you will not need to research tons of information. Moreover, we’d like to prevent people from getting fooled by hosting providers.
With real reviews from real people that used the services we will be able to provide actual and useful information regarding the services. We do not delete any reviews, neither good or bad, because each opinion matters. Furthermore, one of our main policies is to block bots and anonymous users. Each and every user profile is checked to see whether this is a real person, and only then we allow to publish reviews.

We are doing everything possible to make this work. Hosting services are tested on a daily basis to get the data on the ping time, server load, uptime and other results. But the most informative part is, of course, your reviews. That’s why we need your help - more reviews!
We have a big catalogue of hosting providers. I'm sure you can find the hosting provider that you are or were using and share your experience with us. Here is where you can find it: https://hostings.info/catalog.
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