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Forums, blogs and websites for link building


New Member
Jul 9, 2015
Do you know any forum, website or blog that is perfect for a backlink? It is not easy to find them but if we work together, we can build a big list with what we need.

Forums I know for a backlink would be Webdiscussions, Promotion Era, ForumPromotion and ForumCoin.
Sadly I don't know any blogs or websites that allows backlinks of any kind.
Jun 2, 2016
Spamming forums and blogs for getting backlinks is pretty much dead as a good SEO technique. Unless you offer really good content that is relevant to the niche and actually improves a forum or blog authority, don't bother.
I mean sure, if the links are do-follow and you get enough of them, it may improve your ranks. But you won't find many blogs that offer dofollow comments and if they do offer them they'll usually two problems: you'll have a hard time getting your comment approved or you'll get it approved right away but that usually means that blog is a spam fest and you don't want a backlink from such a source.
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