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Don't jump on ads right away


New Member
Jan 25, 2016
When you're creating a new website, don't worry about putting advertisements just yet. You'll hardly make any money before you get thousands of page-views for day. If you have 5 clicks for each 1000 page views, you'll probably need around 2000 pageviews to make 1 dollar, and that that's a lot of clicks, because noone clicks on ads.

It's better to focus into getting more users, and that ads that aren't making you any money will just pull you down on this.
Aug 14, 2015
That is absolutely right. Getting clicks on ads is a tough task nowadays as people are no more interested to see what is inside. The Internet is already flooded with various types of ads and most of the people are already fed up with ads being displayed while surfing net. But online ad agencies use some tricks to get maximum clicks like displaying ads that is related to the content of the site.

If a person is reading an article on how to remain fit and healthy, an ad on fitness equipment has more chances of a click as the visitor is really interested in this. Getting targeted members from various sources like forums will have a high click ratio.
Jul 11, 2015
I believe that this site you are referring to is a forum that needs content provider since you mentioned a focus on providers. For a blog or a site that works like a blog, it is preferred to have it enrolled in Adsense so it starts earning at once. But I agree that you have to focus on the viewers, on how to get loyal viewers who would come back to view your site from time to time. So maybe I am really talking about a blog and not a forum.
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