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A successful kickstarter or indiegogo campaign may give you social media followers

Jul 8, 2015
The Concrete City
I tried to investigate the successful Kickstarters of Indiegogo and Kickstarter. I notice that most of them have social network accounts in Twitter,Tumblr,Facebook and Youtube. I know many underestimated Tumblr but it seemed like the most successful Kickstarters seemed to have the most supporters from Tumblr. Tumblr is a hipster territory and they love the support Independent projects. the other donors seemed to be from Youtube because that is where they found the campaign first.

I wanted to try doing a Kickstarter campaign too but I really don't know where to begin. I notice though that social media is a good way to get supporters.

The most inspiring Indiegogo campaign for me is the Independent video game Skullgirls. The creators of the game managed to reach multiple stretch goals and their promotion tactic is to make Tumblr accounts of the characters of the game that fans can interact with and some Youtube videos.

I also remember the woman who managed to build her restaurant just by asking donations from people online.

Then there is this lame kickstarter campaign of a man who asked for 10 dollars so he can make a potato salad. he ends up having 55 thousand dollars worth of donations.

It seemed like a kickstarter campaign is a good way to get funds for your business for free. Having a successful Kickstarter campaign is also a good way to get a huge following on social networks.
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