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single website hosting

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    VPS Hosting Plans from 1 Host Web

    1 Host Web’s Virtual Private Server (VPS) solution allows you create your own operating system, upload your own software and gives you the power to customize, configure and reconfigure your server in a way that best suits your business needs. We provide VPS hosting services in USA. US VPS...
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    Dedicated Servers Plans from 1 Host Web

    The most powerful of all of our hosting services, our dedicated servers are the ultimate choice for your business giving you the fastest and most reliable hosting possible. If you are looking for a completely dedicated web server to cater to the needs of your business only, you can take...
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    New Shared Hosting Plans from 1 Host Web

    Our shared hosting services let you share a single web server with other business websites on a secure web hosting platform. Shared Web Hosting Plans : Basic Plan: $1.5(Shared Hosting - SW) Web Space/Disk Space- 5 GB Bandwidth- Unlimited cPanel Ensignia Mail Ticket Support- Yes Addon...
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