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remote backup

  1. david007

    [bodHOST] Get 50% OFF R1Soft Remote Backup Solution | World Backup Day!

    Data loss could pour all of your hard work down the drain. With World Backup day fast approaching, we have the perfect solution to avoid this from happening. On 31st March we celebrate World Backup Day by learning how to keep our invaluable data safe through the simple process of duplicating it...
  2. david007

    [bodHOST] Christmas Exciting offer | 50% OFF Remote Backup | High Strength Storage

    Leverage the power of R1Soft’s High-Performance Remote Backup Solution bodHOST is a leading web hosting provider offering high-quality & robust remote backups for storage devices at very user-friendly costs which is completely secure and reliable. Save more this Christmas with bodHOST...
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