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domain name

  1. E

    Promo on Dedicated Server!! LIMITED TIME OFFER!!!

    Exabytes is having this promotion on Dedicated Server!!! You can get it with promotion price NOW!!! Original price was selling at $99 but NOW you can get it at $89 discount price! Hurry up! It is LIMITED TIME OFFER!!! Make sure you apply this Promo Code: valueserver-1 to entitled for this...
  2. E

    .BLOG Domain ONLY at $1.00!!!

    Hello blogger or soon to be blogger~ Come and get your .BLOG Domain at ONLY $1.00!!! LIMITED TIME OFFER!! Original price was selling at $31.90 but NOW you can get it at $1.00 ONLY!!! Clicking this link exabytes.com/domain/blog for further details or to purchase the .BLOG Domain. Make sure...
  3. E

    $5.59/month VPS

    Exabytes.com is having promotion for their VPS Server, only $5.59/month in terms of register for 3 years plan. It is Limited Time Offer! Make sure you apply this Promo Code: vps1-july Check out this link here: http://bit.ly/2OBXRbk
  4. Jason76

    Domain flipping

    Is anyone into it? Basically, it resembles house flipping in that you buy it, fix it up maybe, and then resell it for more. Anyway, some people make a living doing this. However, as with real estate, don't think it's always easy.
  5. R

    Choosing a domain name registrar

    Most domain name registrars have similar features but with distinct advantages and disadvantages. I would look for the quality of customer support and transferability. There are some people who fail to renew their domain names in time or forget only to find their names have been sold and their...
  6. Jason76

    Free domain extensions

    https://webhostingsupportforum.com/threads/domain-extensions-with-really-cheap-renewal-fees.1702/ In the thread above, I mentioned some extensions where 5 years could be gotten for around 5 USD. However, though, you can even go cheaper. All you have to do is register a .tk, .ml, .gq or .ga...
  7. reddyash

    What type of domain names would you choose?

    I would like to know what type of domain names would you choose? 1. Generic Domains: .com, .net, .org, .info 2. Geographic Domains: .in, .uk, .us, .eu 3. Niche Domains: .news, .photo, .tv, .club
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