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  1. serveria.com

    100% Confidential Dedicated Servers in Latvia, EU *Fully Managed*

    We are a server rental company running our own private datacenter located in Europe (Latvia). * First term 50% off (for example: pay for 1 year in advance and get 50% off for a year!) * Double RAM for all configs! * Free domain 1st year* Coupon code exclusively for WHT users: WHT2019 Brand...
  2. serveria.com

    Fully Managed 100% Confidential VMware Cloud VPS in Latvia, EU

    We are a web hosting company running our own datacenter located in Europe (Latvia). We offer fully managed cloud VPS from as low as $14/mo. Celebrating 10 year business anniversary we are offering a new coupon - VPS10YEARS All we do: domain registration, web hosting, SSL certs etc. is 100%...
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