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  1. Allenafaith

    Do you make your own themes?

    Do you use custom themes or free or paid themes from other people? I use free themes. I'd like to purchase a theme that is different, though, or design my own.
  2. Allenafaith

    How many administrators are too many?

    How many administrators are too many for a small or medium sized forum in your opinion? I think one or two is fine, anymore than that is too many.
  3. Allenafaith

    Secret sections?

    Does your forum have secret sections that only special members or certain members have besides the staff sections? We have a special section on my forum that the great posters have access to.
  4. Allenafaith

    How do you get alot of active members?

    How do you get alot of active members that post alot on your forum? I advertise as many places as I can.
  5. Allenafaith

    Post count in forum games?

    Do you count the posts in the forum game sections on your website? Why or why not? I count the post count. As long as the members aren't spamming. If they start to spam and abuse that section, I will disable the post counts.
  6. Allenafaith

    How many?

    In your opinion, how many staff members are too much for a new forum that is just starting out? I think more than two is too many.
  7. Allenafaith

    Do you own a reseller web host?

    Do you own a reseller web host? I don't own my own web host, so no. What about you?
  8. Allenafaith

    Rude staff?

    How do you deal with staff members that are rude to you or your members? I actually dealt with this yesterday. One of my ex-mods deleted alot of threads that were in the trash even though I told him not to and he wasn't active so I demoted him. He then began to cuss me and proceed to call me...
  9. Allenafaith

    Do you use your own web hosting company?

    It's a simple question, do you use your own web hosting company? How long have you been using it?
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