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  1. MeowsePad

    Best paid forum software

    What is the best paid forum software in your opinion? If I were to choose a paid solution, I would go with IPB. I'm not a fan of XenForo or vB even as an end user, but IPB is pretty nice to use.
  2. MeowsePad

    Temporary bans

    Do you tend to use temporary bans to discourage bad behavior on your forum? Recently, I have been staying away from bans. I believe that bans should be reserved for scammers, hackers, predators, etc. Users who are unpleasant can usually be handled with the moderation queue.
  3. MeowsePad

    Best place to get a dedicated server?

    What is the best place to get a dedicated server? There are so many sites that offer dedicated hosting. What's a very reliable provider?
  4. MeowsePad

    Do you have a vps?

    Do you have a VPS? What do you host on it? I have thought about getting a VPS before for game servers and other types of things, but I never was able to justify the extra cost. Some places have very reasonably priced VPS offers, though, so I may consider it in the future.
  5. MeowsePad

    Cloud hosting vs. other types

    Is cloud hosting better or more reliable than other types of hosting? Why would somebody choose cloud hosting over other types? I have never tried cloud hosting. I know that many big websites have taken to using it, but I don't know what the benefits are.
  6. MeowsePad

    Promotion codes

    Do you usually look for promotion codes before signing up for web hosting? Whenever I sign up for a new hosting account, I always look for promotion codes. It's amazing how much money you can save just by putting in a simple code!
  7. MeowsePad

    Have you ever had a dedicated server?

    Have you ever had a dedicated server? If so, where was it hosted? I have considered getting a dedicated server or at least a VPS before back when I was running game servers for Ultima Online. I ran a game server on my home computer that got DDoSed, so I wanted a VPS or dedicated server so that...
  8. MeowsePad


    Have you ever wanted to register a domain name only to discover that it was taken, much to your dismay? I have been lucky so far because none of my domain names have been taken! There have been times where the com has been taken and I registered the net, though, which was fine by me.
  9. MeowsePad


    Have you had to contact your host's support team yet? I have had to contact the HawkHost support team on a few occasions. Every time, they were extremely fast to reply and solved my problem very quickly. I would strongly recommend HawkHost to anyone for their solid hosting plans and their great...
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