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    Does anybody at this forum make money online with paid to click websites?

    I tried Paid to click sites a few years back when I had just started online job. It is really a very slow process. It takes a long time to earn a few dollars. I tried a lot but was not able to earn more than 1-2 dollars a day. And then the site closed down. So I just quit it.
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    Apps like apptrailers

    I had downloaded app trailers but was not able to earn too much. It's actually difficult to earn on it. It's 1000 points for a dollar. I was not able to watch those many videos. I reached 134 points and then even if I watch the trailer, the points are not increasing. Don't know what to do?
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    Hve you ever been to penjob?

    I have not heard about this site. But the rate seems to be quite good for me. I will check the site and see. As Fuzyon said, "it doesn't hurt to check it out."
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    What is best way to get referrals?

    I too have the same problem. Therefore I don't join sites where we need to get referrals by our own efforts. I usually join sites where we can buy or rent referrals. They are easier to get.
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    I too am using Forum Wheel and yes they do have some forums where I am not able to join, because I don't know anything about it. The general ones or the ones whose topics interests me are the ones that I join. At present I am making around 80 cents and above per day. Which is fine for me...
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    I was a member of this site, but left it because the earning was too slow. Earlier the earning for standard member was better, around 4-5 cents a day, without referrals. It was a decent amount to start on PTC and gradually grow after acquiring referrals. It is difficult in my country to invest...
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    Writing for earning!

    I think that the most profitable way to earn online is writing job. That is the only way that I have earned money from. Pay per clicks are mostly scams and captcha entry is too slow. I find forum posting very interesting and enjoyable as well as a good source to earn money. However, I have not...
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    I had also joined mylot recently, but was not able to earn much. The earning is very slow. Only if you are able to make a lot of friends and followers can you earn some money in it.
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    Rabadaba, social media app

    Very true. It's now worth it if you don't have a huge friend list. From where will you get the likes.
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    No, I have never heard of this site. Good thing that you did not register to it. It's really dangerous to register to such sites, although this is the first time that I am hearing any site asking the permission for them to withdraw money from the subscriber's paypal or any account.
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    Microtoiler -a global clone of mturk

    I have never tried micro sites. But I am seriously giving it a thought. For me even a dollar a day will be enough, since this is my extra earnings.
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    I have had bad experience of neobux. The rented referrals do not click. Thank God I did not invest my money. It was only from what I earned from the site that I invested.
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    Hve you ever been to penjob?

    I have also never heard of penjob before. If it really pays then I would also like to join it. Please keep us updated.
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    Have you ever tried usabilityhub?

    0.50 dollars a day sounds good if it takes only a few seconds of your time. I would love to try this out. You can earn the rest from other sites. I am loving it here. I get to know about new earning sites which I am highly tempted to join. I might join them too
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    Gift wallet

    Does this pay? There are many apps in the google playstore like this and when you check the comments of the users, many say that it does not pay or before you reach the minimum amount of payment, the app stops or something or the other happens and you can't withdraw. Some don't even pay.
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